19-03-2017 – Another alarm set for 3:30am and another training walk.

This Sunday saw me training along the front section of Day 3 (Westfield to Alfriston). I did 15.5 miles out of Westfield and across in the direction of the Pevensey Levels… and back finishing the walk on a respectable 31+ miles.

The 1066 Country walk path was again, superbly sign posted making for a reasonably easy navigated walk considering I had never done this section before.

Got to see some superb Sussex houses and scenery along the way and just had one bit of an issue with a section of rotten footbridge which I put my foot through when crossing it in the dark. This could have been quite a horrible injury but thankfully the gds were looking down on me and I came away with a mere scrape. Each bridge has an East Sussex County Council (ESCC) bridge number so this was duly reported on my return.

Met a very fat pheasant along the way which insisted in walking with me for a good quarter mile. If I stopped it would come and stand next to me… guess it thought it was safe with me as I didn’t have a gun.    

This walk was somewhat marred by the tragic events in Battle that same day.I stopped for a quick half of Whitstable Pale Ale in the Abbey Hotel around 13:30 and left at 13:45. Only some 15 minutes later a car careered off the road hitting pedestrians. Tragically, Mum-of-three Debbie Masters, 37 was killed when the car hit her and her husband. The shame of it being that I had quite a good first aid kit with me but was gone by about 15 minutes. Thoughts go out to the family.



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