Well that is the first of the three “Walking for Autism” events out the way and a great success.

Becky and I completed the Round the Isle of Wight 68 mile walk starting Saturday 29th April @ 8am and finished around 6am+ on the Sunday morning. A respectable 22+hrs.

We travelled over to the Isle of Wight on the 27th and managed to do a little of one of the sections owing to the fact we had to walk into Ventnor for dinner each evening.

The start (and finish) was at Chale and it was a breezy and cool start to the walk. Becky and I got off to a good start and were soon starting to pick off the back markers from the 7:40am starters.

Working our way up through the field we started to look for our first 7:20 starter which we chose to nickname “the holy grail”. Each walker we came up behind was inspected for their start time and it was at the 14km marker where we finally found the Holy Grail…. Our first 7:20 starter. A few high 5’s later we moved on up the pack, making our best progress on the hills owing to our mountain goat prowess through training.

As can be seen from the table, whilst we were moving up the rankings, we did slow towards the end. The real milestone was when we passed the 48 mile mark which was Beckys nemesis from last year as that was the distance she had to withdraw from the Eastbourne to Arundel trek.


The walk was going well and Kay supported both Becky and IU for the entire walk.

David Hardcastle came over to help Kay with the walk support and got the 1am ferry back on the Sunday morning and Jonathan Dowe got the foot ferry over for Lymington and walked with us for about a third of the walk. I think our pace may have taken Jonathan by surprise considering we had been walking for 40km before he met with us. I have to say at this stage…. Many thanks for Kay supporting the whole event and special thanks for David and Jonathan to take time out of their lives to come over and help out. Very much appreciated.

The mid way point at West Cowes was a nice rest point and a time to take on some food. Unfortunately, the amount I ate didn’t sit well with me for the rest of the walk…… eyes bigger than my stomach

We left the half way point just about 6:15pm and were soon to be disappointed as we just missed the Cowes chain ferry. We then had to wait for it to cross and return then to take us over. This cost us 40 minutes!! And backed up quite a few other walkers whilst we waited.

The next walking section was the most boring section and mainly roadwork through housing estates. I think this was where Becky started to wain

I do not think Becky will mind me saying that around 2am she was at her worst; lacking motivation and feeling ill. It took all my strength to keep Becky motivated whilst also informing her that the next section (second to last) was the one where most people felt their worse. Better to let her know ahead of time so she could mentally adjust for it.

When we arrived at the 80km checkpoint Becky was not at her best…. At all. Looking ashen and feeling ill it could have been over for Becky but she found “full fat” coke and salty Hoola Hoops, both of which seemed to infuse life back into her. After quite a rest we set off again into the darkness with the wind getting up….

In the darkness we happened on a loan walker dressed in what we decided to brand as a Spiderman outfit. He was surprised by us as he was having a pee and didn’t realise we were coming around the corner…. This spiderman will feature later.

Beckys resolve was further tested as a storm blew in whilst we were doing the 3-mile section of coastal promenade around Sandown. The tide was high and the winds gusting making the waves crash over the promenade with nowhere for us to go.

Reading the waves and the occasional “RUN!” meant at least we did not get soaked just covered in salty spray.

Leaving the promenade behind we climbed up over the steepest of hills to eventually drop down into Ventnor and the last checkpoint.

Beckys resolve had picked up albeit the pace had dropped right off. The main thing being was that we were still on our way and the end was getting in sight.

Another intake of “full fat” coke and salty Hoola Hoops at the last checkpoint saw us starting the last section in daylight. This section was billed as having the highest hill but thankfully it was over quite a distance so not too bad at all.

We happened on a spiderman agin, this time limping along quite badly. Having made sure he was alright we continued onn albeit he seemed to rally and tried to keep pace with us. That is until he had to pee again. This became a regular thing and certainly ruins the image of spiderman in my mind now.

We walked with him for a long way to assist him along the way and then, whilst he was having yet another pee! We decided to carry on.

We didn’t see him again until just before the end when, he decided to put on a spurt, and overtake us………/ not cricket for someone who we had nurtured for so many miles…..

Crossing the line was a great feeling and we were met by Kay and Dave Pettitt. Glass of champagne, a medal and all followed by a great cooked breakfast saw the walk come to an end with no blisters to show.


Well, that is the first of the three Walking for Autism fundraising events.

The next, which is in its final planning stage, is the Walking for Autism quiz nigh on May 13th.


Chale – Start – km/h Sat. 07:58 00:00:00
Isle of Wight Pearl 5,97 km/h 369 Sat. 09:32 01:34:25
Nodewell Farm 5,48 km/h 295 Sat. 11:41 03:43:31
Hampstead Farm 4,90 km/h 278 Sat. 14:27 06:29:30
Northwood House 5,22 km/h 266 Sat. 17:45 09:47:29
Simeon Recreation Ground 3,92 km/h 236 Sat. 21:26 13:28:28
Culver Down 4,19 km/h 222 Sun. 00:40 / Sun. 00:50 16:42:56
Ventnor Park 4,50 km/h 192 Sun. 04:03 20:05:20
Chale Recreation Ground 4,15 km/h 196 Sun. 06:49 22:51:43


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