Despite the weather we decided to press on with the 26 mile per weekend training regime for the “walking for Autism” events. And by despite the weather I mean…. DESPITE the weather! This weeks walk was scheduled to start at Wadhurst Station at 4:15 am and the weather front was due to hit around 8:30am and boy did we get the rain.

Anyway… up at 3:30am Sunday morning to sort ot the last bits for the Slimming World friendly breakfast pack:

  • Boiled eggs
  • Slow cooked roast ham
  • Couscous (spiced with ground cumin and chipotle Tabasco sauce)
  • Salad
  • Chilli Ryvita
  • Boiled new potatoes.
  • Coffee!

Picked up Becky at 4am and got to a somewhat deserted Wadhurst station at around 4:15 on Sunday morning. That aside… still had to get Pay and display parking ticket!

We set off in the dark, C/W Ferie HL50II head torches. These are superb bits of kit with head band battery packs and belt mounted bulk battery packs. (sorry… tech geek in me coming out).

Our route took us down the Sussex Border Path through Rock Robin and Wood Green to Bewl Water where we traversed the entire Northern section. From there we left the calmness of Bewl behind us and exited through Ketley Wood to Dale Hill Golf Course across to the A21 and beyond.

This is where it all started to deteriorate. Not only did the storm hit us with very heavy rain, but the Sussex Border Path route markings became a bit blurred. Having decided to take the right hand side of a hedge line we later realised that this was a mistake…. But… either we retraced our very damp steps, or changed the route for the last section. Not wishing to feel like going over old ground we decided just to change the route, make the turn and head for home…. In the rain.

Soon after the turn we decided to stop in an open sided barn for the Slimming World breakfast pack.

In reality, this was a mistake.  What with being slightly damp and the biting wind we were soon both feeling the cold (understatement) so decided to get moving again in the rain to try to get body temperature up.

The return journey started to improve as did the weather with the highlight being the Bewl Water Visitors centre being open for coffee on the way back. The conversation soon turned to the flooding of the valley to create the reservoir.

Work began to construct the reservoir in 1973 by damming and then flooding a river Bewl valley. It was completed in 1975 having been filled with over 31,300 million litres of water. It is now the largest body of inland water in south east England.

Some farm houses were lost when the valley was flooded but Mr & Mrs Hurbert Beale insisted in 1975 that the developer relocate their 14th century Sussex home, Dunsters Mill House, which was threatened by construction of the 770 acre reservoir.

Progress over the whole walk was fairly slow owing to the fact that the weather was so poor and secondly the condition of a lot of the paths being treacherously muddy. The number of times either I or Becky were doing pirouettes as we slid in the mud!

Anyway, another walk over, and another 25+mile walk nearer to the Isle of Wight 63 mile trek in April and the main “walking for Autism walk in July.

Apologies for the lack of photographs as only the weather prohibited much use of cameras




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