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The “Round the Isle of Wight” 65 mile walk is almost upon us and is this weekend (Saturday 29th April). This is the precursor for the main event in July which sees me doing 185 miles around Sussex in 7 days. The basis is 26+ miles a day for 7 days… all to raise money for the National Autistic Society.

A good friend of mine, Andrew Camsell,  has put together a short video outlining my efforts and as you will see…….. Note to Self….do not give up the day job (you should have seen the out takes!)

Details of the main walk are as follows:

The route maps can be viewed by clicking the tab “Walking for Autism – The Route” on the home page;  with each day being around 26+ miles

  • Day 1  (02-07-2017) – Crowborough to Bodium                                              (Sussex border path)
  • Day 2 (03-07-2017) – Bodiam to Westfield via Rye                                      (Sussex border path and 1066 country walk)
  • Day 3 (04-07-2017)  – Westfield to Alfriston                                                    (1066 country walk & South Downs Way)
  • Day 4  (05-07-2017) – Alfriston to Devils Dyke golf club                            (South Downs Way)
  • Day 5  (06-07-2017) – Devils Dyke Golf club to “west of Adversane”   (South Downs Way and Wey Valley Path)
  • Day 6 (07-07-2017)  – West of Adversane to (Circa) Gatwick (Wey Valley Path & Sussex border path )
  • Day 7 (08-07-2017)  – Gatwick to Crowborough                                          (Sussex border path)

The walk finishes at the Crowborough Town Council Summer fair where we will have a stall “walking for Autism, supported by The National Autistic Society.


I will have walking support on days 1, 2 & 7 from Becky Bradgate-Pettitt and hopefully day 5 or 6 from Toni Chaplin-Armer from Cumbria


Please do support the fundraising efforts if you can and donations can be made through my “Just Giving page”

You can link directly to the just giving page by “clicking the ling on the right hand side of this web-page.

Thanks for all your support

George Moss

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