About George Moss

George Moss

I am well known for my extreme rambling……. as man who walks…..

What motivates me?… I guess its two reasons

  • Its because I can – Health is a precious thing and all the time I can push myself I will. I truly fear the day that health gets the better of me and stops me being active.
  • I get such a great feeling being able to help others and their causes. The causes are always about health as that is the most precious gift we have.

Walking is a great way to see the world we live in.. in real time! Driving through the countryside gives you a blurred vision of life and you have no idea what you are missing. Even turning around and walking back along the same route shows you a completely different view of the one you just did. Take it in, breath it and live another day and above all…. love life.

I care about issues that effect me, my family and friends and so much so that it drives me to take up these challenges to raise money to help others.

Join me in raising funds for these great charities and let me do the walking