Alfriston – Newhaven Loop

26-03-2017 – I decided to take a break from the training walks along the Walking for Autism route so plotted a walk around my favourite scenery.

So… The route took me from Alfriston along the South Downs Way up and over into Exeat, down the Cuckmere to Cuckmere Haven (West bank). Once at the sea there is the climb up onto the cliffs past what has become known as Luthers (Idres Elba) cottage overlooking the Haven.

Following the coast along you are soon into Seaford and then into Newhaven where I decided to add a five mile look across to Peacehaven and back into Newhaven (as you do).

A nice breakfast in Warrens transport Café, a rare oasis on a Sunday morning…..

On leaving Newhaven I decided to do the Ouse Valley walk, past the new re-cycling plant and on up to Southease where you can pick up the South Downs Way from the other direction along and back to Alfriston.

With the weather being bright enough, albeit very windy gusting to 40mph, it was a pleasant walk and I finished the walk with a respectable 26.5 miles


Once back in Alfriston I treated myself to half of Harveys Sussex Best in the Star Inn. This is where I will be staying on the Walking for Autism trek through Alfriston.

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